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The longevity of Colour Implants necessitates that quality, experience and reputation, should have a significant influence over your decision.

If you were contemplating some other form of cosmetic augmentation such as cosmetic surgery, or a form of body art such as a traditional tattoo, would you ever consider going to an inexperienced surgeon or the cheapest technician?

In the Cosmetic Industry, higher quality often equals higher cost…there is no substitute for experience.

Powdered Brow
$550 (retouch in 4-6 weeks – $100)
3D Eyebrow Feathering
$600 (retouch in 4-6 weeks – $100)
Full Colour Lip
$770 (retouch in 4-6 weeks – $150)
Top Eyeliner
$400 (retouch in 4-6 weeks – $100)
Top & Lower Eyeliner
$650 (retouch in 4-6 weeks – $100)
Lower Eyeliner
$350 (retouch in 4-6 weeks – $100)
Lip Line Only
$450 (retouch in 4-6 weeks – $100)
Lip Line & Blend
$550 (retouch in 4-6 weeks – $100)
Beauty Spot
$100 (includes retouch)
Scar Camouflage
AFA Skin Rejuvenation Treatment
$50 – redeemable on appointment
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Permanent Cosmetics Clinic

Colour Implants of Brisbane specialise in beautiful, natural-looking cosmetic tattoo/permanent makeup. 

Margot Jaillet-Bocciolini has been delivering exemplary, permanent makeup and skin care treatments for 25+ years for the greater Brisbane area, Queensland and interstate clients. She maintains the highest standards in all procedures and is a licensed and nationally certified Cosmetic Tattoo practitioner since 1989. 

Our list of services include: Designer Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Full Lip, Lip line & BlendScar Camouflage  & the Medical-grade AFA skin rejuvenation treatment.


 Whatever it is you require, Margot will expertly perform procedures creating a soft, subtle enhancement making you look beautiful and feel confident.

Permanent eyebrows are designed in alignment with the bone structure of your face giving the effect of hair-strokes, extra volume and shape including beautifully defined eyes. She ensures that the selected colour matches your skin tone so you can freely change the colour of your hair in the future safe in the knowledge that your eyebrows will still look ideally suited.

Contact Margot today on 07 3849 4772  or  0412 563 592

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About Margot

Colour Implants of Brisbane specialises in beautiful, natural-looking permanent makeup services.

To look and feel your very best, Margot has the expertise and experience required to provide your permanent makeup, cosmetic tattoo procedures and a medical level, skin rejuvenating treatment. Contact Margot today on 07 3849 4772 OR 0412 563 592

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All appointments require 24 hours’ notice for any changes or cancellations. *After hour appointments are available by appointment only.


425 Kessels Rd, Robertston (Brisbane) Qld 4109
Telephone: 07 3849 4772