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What is permanent makeup and is it safe?

Have you ever caught yourself looking in the mirror with a face full of makeup and wish it would last for a longer time? Or perhaps you’re a busy bird and want to save up some time of your day by skipping this task.
If any of these circumstances correspond with yours, you might have considered getting permanent makeup. And since matters of dermatological health aren’t child’s play, it is crucial to know all the necessary details about it.
Well, throw all your worries in the back because we’re about to unravel some intricacies of it and, if it is safe, from the procedure to the after-effects.

How does permanent makeup exactly work?

It is quite similar to tattoos. It involves micro-pigmentation, which is inserting coloured particles in the topmost layer of your skin with a needle. Tattooing or medical restoration are considered branches of the same tree, as they also can correct concerns like blemishes and scars.
Through this procedure, you can replicate an eyeliner (top and bottom), lipstick, or amazing looking eyebrows. If you struggle with an uneven skin tone, permanent makeup is the best-suggested solution that is cost-effective and you can avoid surgical procedures. Permanent makeup is the perfect alternative to regular makeup as it saves a lot of time and effort. Look flawless around the clock!

Is permanent makeup safe?

It is usually considered safe, as it is just like getting a tattoo. You would not find any vital risks associated with permanent makeup, except the infection transferred due to the use of disinfected equipment and tools by inexperienced or unqualified individuals. You should always choose a trusted service with a good reputation and history, as well as a certified, licensed and highly skilled professional.
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When it comes to health-related safety, compromising is never an option. Looking for a cheap and inexperienced technician will automatically mean poor quality makeup and a bad experience which can often lead to health hazards and serious complications. It is a long time investment. Therefore, having a highly skilled and experienced technician can let you enjoy the everlasting joys of permanent makeup.
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