What people are saying about Margot Jaillet-Bocciolini & Colour Implants

Customer Reviews

"Fantastic treatments! I have now had 5 AFA treatments and what an improvement! I did have dark sunspots on both cheeks, not any more. On one cheek the sunspots had been there for many years but now have magically disappeared. On the other cheek the sunspots had been there for about 12 months and again they are no longer visible.  I had resigned myself to the fact that due to the sun damage in my younger days that nothing could be done. I was wrong. Also has got rid of some “lumps and bumps” which I experience on my skin at various times. "

Helen S. - Brisbane

    "Margot, a big thank you for the wonderful eyebrows you have given me……just love them! The friends that I told I was having the colour implants have all said how natural looking my eyebrows are now.  What a relief, no more eyebrow pencil!  "

    Helen - Brisbane

      "Christmas came early for me today. It was to my extreme good fortune I was able to have my eyebrows, upper eyeliner and lower eyeliner completed by your very capable and experienced hands. Between your warm and friendly demeanour, adding to the relaxing surrounds, I felt completely at ease from the moment I entered your establishment. Your care and attention to detail I hold in high esteem. I appreciated the time you took in answering any of my questions and discussed the after care in detail leaving no stone unturned. There are not enough adjectives to describe how wonderful I felt after you weaved your magic. It has given my face a complete lift, and I feel ten years younger. I love the shape you created for me and the colour is perfect. I love my new look. As the summer heat was creating havoc in leaving my eyeliner smudged, knowing that is now behind me, and that I can wear minimal make-up on the hottest of summer days, is very liberating. I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking colour implants. You are one incredibly talented and brilliant woman and I for one am extremely grateful in the knowledge you are based in Brisbane. Thank you again most sincerely, "

      Teresa - Brisbane

        "I couldn’t be happier with the results of my “new” lips, not only do they look fuller, my face has come alive again.  Margot, your professionalism and experience besides complete perfection in attention to detail is absolutely why they look so great.  I cannot wait to have my eyes done! "

        J.M Burnham - Balmoral

          "The treatment has made me feel absolutely younger, it has encouraged me to lose weight, I should have done it years ago, and I don’t know why I waited so long. Best thing I’ve done for many years. "

          Sharon Pukeroa - Regents Park

            "I just want you to know how happy I am with my eyebrows and lip implant. With my eyesight not being the best, I used to find it very hard to pencil some eyebrows on, most of all trying to get them the same shape. My lips? Well I could never wear much lip colour as they had no shape at all; a little moisturizer had to do. So of course it’s great to get up in the morning and find it all done. What more can I say other than thanks again. "

            Shirley Pelham, Calamvale

              "Just a small note of thanks for the beautiful job you did on my eyebrows. You really did a wonderful ‘job’ of them and it has certainly made a huge difference to my confidence, knowing they are not going to disappear under perspiration or wipe them off!! Thank you for making me feel at ease about the whole thing. "

              Annette Porter - Wavell Heights

                "I would like to express my gratitude to you for what you have done for my skin! As you know, before the AFA treatments my skin was lumpy & badly congested. This treatment for me is a miracle! After years of trying many many different products and treatments, spending a lot of money & being constantly disappointed by results, I was delighted to see such a huge difference in a short time! The results have improved to the point that I don’t get breakouts anymore & since using the AFA Gel nightly I find my skin is maintained at that level between treatments. The improvement of my skin has given me more self confidence. I don’t feel the need to wear makeup everyday, whereas before I wouldn’t leave the house without it. This treatment really has changed my life! Thank you so much” "

                M. O'Rielly. Carina

                  "I thought my skin was ‘too far gone’ for any improvement after years of wrong skin products and sun damage.  Margot suggested that my skin would benefit from an AFA Clay Peel.  After the first treatment, I went home and when I looked in the mirror I thought, Is that me?  My skin looked so different  – so clean, so smooth, so polished. I was explained that because the clay peel actually penetrates the skin, it is able to work more effectively and allows for more dramatic results.  I never told anyone that I was going to get my skin treated, but I have been told that my skin now glows and it looks radiant. AFA is the ONLY product that I saw instant results with and the ONLY product that did what it said it would do. "

                  J. Buckley - Kuraby

                    "Some years ago I suffered a loss of pigment resulting in a disfiguring circular white patch the size of a 5c piece on the right side of my face. I was resigned to camouflaging the flaw each morning, usually temporarily and always unsatisfactory with makeup until I read about Margot’s Colour Implants for eyes and lips. It occured to me that a Colour Implant on my face in the affected area could be the solution to my problem. After consulting with Margot I underwent the procedure and am happy to report that the colour has been restored to the area so that the disfigurement is now a thing of the past. Margot managed to match my skin tone exactly and I am completely happy with the result. "

                    F.G. - St Lucia