Permanent Beauty Services

  • Lip Liner

    Add a touch of definition and colour to your lips with this natural looking enhancement…   Ideal for anyone with pale or uneven lip colour or whoever just wants a permanent tint so they have colour in their face 24/7 and ‘look good first thing in the morning’… The lips are highly coloured to begin Read More

  • Beauty Spot

    Now you can permanently alter your look with this age old trick…   Designed to enhance a freckle, create a beauty spot, or simply make a freckle a feature…looks natural and is… very, very, popular. Use the form on the top right of this page to contact Margot Jaillet-Bocciolini from Colour Implants now to discuss your Beauty Spot Read More

  • Lip Line & Blend

    Make your lips naturally beautiful with this subtle but effective enhancement. Colour is applied to the extreme edge of your lip and then blended 1/3 of the way down. This makes the outline less obvious and reduces the need for continual reapplication of lipstick. In fact, a quick application of clear gloss will be all Read More

  • Full Lip Colour

    Full-lip colour tattoos give your lips beautiful definition and subtle colour. Second only to eyes, the lips attract more attention than any other feature on the face. Lips can be made to appear fuller and more defined, adding youthfulness, sensuality and symmetry. People who have vertical lines on their upper lip, scar tissue, or have Read More

  • Eyebrow Tattoo Brisbane

    Our individually designed, natural-looking hair stroke eyebrow tattoos will frame your eyes perfectly! If you are within the Brisbane area, we can help you bring out the inherent beauty of your eyes and frame them beautifully with our hair stroke eyebrow tattoo specifically tailored to compliment your features. Clients can look forward to receiving an Read More

  • Top Eyeliner

    Our Top Eyeliner Application gives a natural look that defines and highlights the beauty of your eyes… Top eyeliner tattoo effectively eliminates the ‘naked’ eye look. Margot will precisely position the line through your natural lashes leaving no visible line on the upper lid. The effect gives the illusion of thick luscious eyelashes. This is Read More