Lip Liner

Add a touch of definition and colour to your lips with this natural looking enhancement…


Ideal for anyone with pale or uneven lip colour or whoever just wants a permanent tint so they have colour in their face 24/7 and ‘look good first thing in the morning’…

The lips are highly coloured to begin and after the healing process, the colour returns to a soft natural tint”…

With this Lip Liner, there is no need to wear lipstick.


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NOTE: The Photographs on this website have not been altered: some are taken immediately after the procedure and some taken a few weeks later.


All permanent cosmetic procedures are multi-session processes. You are required to return for at least one retouch visit before it can be determined that the procedure is complete. Retouch visits are scheduled at 4–6-week intervals.

Be prepared for the colour intensity of your procedure to be significantly sharper, brighter or darker than what is expected for the final outcome. It will take time for this transition, based upon how quickly the outer llayer of your skin exfoliates.

While these tattooed colours may initially simulate the exact colour and tone desired, thay will not always remain a perfect match. Tattooed colours are constant, while your own skin colour will vary depending on exposure to cold, heat, sun and circulatory changes. For example, if you tan your skin and had a scar camouflaged, your surrounding skin will be darker in appearance than the treated area.

  1. Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may swell slightly or redden, some clients feel it best not to make any social plans for a day or two following any procedure. It is always best to avoid these procedures within a few weeks prior to important social events such as weddings. Procedures may take longer than expected to be complete under some circumstances.
  2. Any tweezing or waxing should be done at least 48 hours prior the procedure; facial hair removal no less than five days before. Do not resume any method of hair removal for at least two weeks following
  3. Any eyelash or eyebrow tinting or eyelash curling should be done no sooner than 48 hours before, or to weeks after the procedure.
  4. Do not wear contact lenses during or immediately following the eyeliner procedure. Remember to bring your glasses. You may resume wearing your contact lenses as your eyes return to their pre-tattooed condition.
  5. If you are having lip procedures and have any history of cold sores/fever blisters/herpes simplex, you will be required to obtain the proper prescription to help prevent such outbreaks.
  6. Refrain from the use of alcohol, aspirin, aspirin-contained medications, ibuprofen, or other blood-thinning medications for seven days before and two days after any procedure. Refrain from judgement-altering drugs for at least 24 hours prior to any procedure. No medication should ever be discontinued without first consulting your physician.


Keeping in mind that in many cases some uneveness of color is to be expected. This is the reason a second visit is necessary 4-6 weeks after the procedure to replace any colour loss during the healing process.

  • Bepanthen Cream (used SPARINGLY) is recommended to use as the aftercare cream as some other healing agents can absorb colour.


  1. Using a wet cotton tip, gently wipe the tattoo clean of the clear fluid (plasma) your skin secretes to heal, in order for the area not to crust up too quickly and absorb too much colour…then
    SPARINGLY, apply your after-care cream…do this every hour for the next several hours for successful healing as the area needs to be kept moist at all times.
  2. Some itching is normal DO NOT pick, peel or scratch the tattoo or your colour may heal unevenly and you risk scarring or infection. Refrain from excercising for at least a week.
  3. DO NOT expose your healing skin to direct sunlight, tanning beds, saunas, salt water or chlorinated pools, direct shower spray, hot water, skin creams or lotions other than what you have been instructed to do for 2 weeks.

DAY 4-6.

The skin is in the throes of rapid exfoliation and if left alone the skin will shed evenly. The colour under the exfoliating skin will continue to appear light until the epidermis takes on it’s more transparent characteristics.

DAY 30-40.

Now it’s time to critique your eyebrows as you have had the full cycle of cellular regeneration in which the tattoo has now become part of the dermis, seen under the epidermis. Time to make your appointment with your specialist for any adjustments that may be necessary.


  • It’s usual to have swelling of the lips and more so on a full lip.
  • To reduce swelling use a cold pack for 5 minutes every few hours over the next 24 hours. There is no after pain, only dryness of the lips…you will have been asked if you suffer from the cold sore virus which can lay dormant in the body for years, if you have this virus you may get a cold sore around the 4 th day after your procedure, should this happen then use
    Zovirax Cream, ice can also freeze the virus however, Famvir Tablets purchased prior to the treatment can suppress the virus from occurring.
  • The colour will look a little different at various times of the day and will change colour with your body temperature and different lightening will show a slight colour variation… The colour after a few days will become lighter and sometimes will appear to have vanished… don’t let this alarm you as the colour will return. The colour at times, will look light then dark.The lips are not like the rest of the face, they are highly vascular which is the reason they will lose more colour and change colour more frequently.
  • Refrain from using lipstick until the lips have completely healed for at least 5 days, the healing cream, used SPARINGLY, will give it a gloss look anyway and remember to keep your healing lips moist at all times.
  • Only after 4-6 weeks will the true colour show through. DO NOT use teeth bleaching products until lips are fully healed and avoid spicy foods and heat.


  • Use a good sunscreen daily – even the lips require protection. Sun exposure, skin care products containing Glycolic Acids, swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water are some of the contributing factors that can fade out your permanent cosmetics more quickly. It is recommended to have a retouch of colour every 2 years in order to maintain the vibrancy of colour…as you know, all colour fades over time. If you’re having an MRI, chemical exfoliation/peel or other medical procedures, please inform your physician.