Lip Line & Blend

Make your lips naturally beautiful with this subtle but effective enhancement.

Colour is applied to the extreme edge of your lip and then blended 1/3 of the way down.

This makes the outline less obvious and reduces the need for continual reapplication of lipstick. In fact, a quick application of clear gloss will be all you need.

Please note: The colour will appear different on the Vermillion border than it appears on the fleshy part of the lip, as most lip colours contain iron oxide, distilled water, glycerine and alcohol.

You will also find that the colour of the lips will change with the temperature of your body. Some days your lips will appear lighter or darker depending on the temperature. But overall you will love how natural and defined your lips look.



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Please note: The photographs on this website have not been altered, some are taking immediately after the procedure and some are taken a few weeks later.