Full Lip Colour

Full-lip colour tattoos give your lips beautiful definition and subtle colour.

Second only to eyes, the lips attract more attention than any other feature on the face. Lips can be made to appear fuller and more defined, adding youthfulness, sensuality and symmetry. People who have vertical lines on their upper lip, scar tissue, or have lost pigmentation from cold sores or sun damage can benefit greatly from lip tattooing.

A line is implanted to emphasise the shape. A soft pink, or a few shades deeper than your own natural lip colour is popular for those wanting a natural look, or a more dramatic colour can be achieved if desired. It looks natural when you’re not wearing lipstick and… people will envy you and wonder why your lipstick never comes off…When you eat, drink, or kiss.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results of my “new” lips, not only do they look fuller, my face has come alive again. Margot, your professionalism and experience besides complete perfection in attention to detail is absolutely why they look so great.  I cannot wait to have my eyes done!” JM Burnham, Balmoral Queensland

A day-by-day pictorial of the healing process following a full lip colour tattoo.



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Please note: The photographs on this website have not been altered. Some are taken immediately after the procedure and some taken a few weeks later.