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Eyebrow Tattoo

Our individually designed, natural-looking hair stroke eyebrow tattoos will frame your eyes perfectly!

If you are within the Brisbane area, we can help you bring out the inherent beauty of your eyes and frame them beautifully with our hair stroke eyebrow tattoo specifically tailored to compliment your features.

Clients can look forward to receiving an eyebrow tattoo which will be suitably shaped to fit your face in alignment with the bone structure greatly enhancing your appearance. Margot will be able to provide a colour match indistinguishable from your pre-existing eyebrow colour and the soft, muted appearance of eyebrow tattooing will ensure that they look completely natural.  Eyebrow tattooing will clearly define your brows which will alter their volume and shape and you will enjoy seeing your eyes look lifted and your overall facial appearance enhanced.

“Thank you for today again Margot for designing my eyebrows. I love them, you were so patient, caring and professional. I was completely impressed and will be recommending you to all my friends. I feel beautiful and I am an excessively happy client from Wavell Heights.”  M.S. Wavell Heights. Queensland

eyebrow tattoo before and after

Hair Stroke Eyebrow Tattoo Brisbane

We understand that people will still want the option to change their hair colour when they choose and so will look to find an eyebrow colour which will compliment your skin tone not just your hair colour. Not only will you be delighted with the extra fullness and symmetry of the eyebrow tattooing but clients can enjoy the time and expense which you will save not having to repeatedly apply makeup. Just think, you could wake up every morning knowing that you will never have to pencil again!

To maintain the vibrancy of colour, margot recommends a retouch of colour approx. Every two years