Professional eyebrow tattooing near me

Professional eyebrow tattooing near me

Stop your search for “professional eyebrow tattooing near me”, here at Colour Implants we have everything you are looking for, the best treatments completed by well-trained professionals who have years of experience in this field and the most advanced technology to achieve top-notch results. We are happy to help customers receive deluxe skin treatments and help them improve their skin conditions, hiding those things they do not want to see any longer or enhancing those small areas that can completely change the way we perceive ourselves. We have positioned ourselves as a number one option when it comes to reliable businesses offering solutions for when someone looks up “professional eyebrow tattooing near me”, and we make sure our clients receive the best service they can find.

We are not new to this field and we have become the leading choice among businesses providing second to none skin care and beauty treatments for people searching “professional eyebrow tattooing near me” for over 25 years. We understand every face is different and our professionals are prepared to take on any type of treatment required by our clients with utmost efficiency and superior knowledge.

​Our company is designed to create a calm and relaxed environment so you can relax while getting the best service they can find when searching for “professional eyebrow tattooing near me”. Do not hesitate to contact us today for more information, book your first visit and receive detailed information about all the range of services we offer, not only for the best eyebrow tattoo in Brisbane but any other beauty treatment we supply.

We are Colour Implants, a business with the sole purpose of providing our clients with the best service quality they can find in the field of beauty treatments. Trust truly skilled professionals of skin care treatments.


The longevity of Colour Implants necessitates that quality, experience and reputation, should have a significant influence over your decision.

If you were contemplating some other form of cosmetic augmentation such as cosmetic surgery, or a form of body art such as a traditional tattoo, would you ever consider going to an inexperienced surgeon or the cheapest technician?

In the Cosmetic Industry, higher quality often equals higher cost…there is no substitute for experience.


“Fantastic treatments! I have now had 5 AFA treatments and what an improvement! I did have dark sunspots on both cheeks…. not anymore. On one cheek the sunspots had been there for many years but now have magically disappeared. On the other cheek the sunspots had been there for about 12 months and again they are no longer visible. I had resigned myself to the fact that due to the sun damage in my younger days that nothing could be done. I was wrong. Also has got rid of some “lumps and bumps” which I experience on my skin at various times.”

Helen Skinner

“I thought my skin was ‘too far gone’ for any improvement after years of wrong skin products and sun damage. Margot suggested that my skin would benefit from an AFA Clay Facial. After the first treatment, I went home and when I looked in the mirror I thought, Is that me? My skin looked so different – so clean, so smooth, so polished. It was explained that because the clay facial actually penetrates the skin, it is able to work more effectively and allows for more dramatic results. I never told anyone that I was going to get my skin treated, but I have been told that my skin now glows and it looks radiant. AFA is the ONLY product that I saw instant results with and the ONLY product that did what it said it would do.”

Julie Buckley

“I would like to express my gratitude to you for what you have done for my skin! As you know, before the AFA treatments my skin was lumpy & badly congested. This treatment for me is a miracle! After years of trying many, many different products and treatments, spending a lot of money & being constantly disappointed by results, I was delighted to see such a huge difference in a short time! The results have improved to the point that I don’t get breakouts anymore & since using the AFA Gel nightly I find my skin is maintained at that level between treatments. The improvement of my skin has given me more self-confidence. I don’t feel the need to wear makeup every day, whereas before I wouldn’t leave the house without it. This treatment really has changed my life! Thank you so much!”

M. O’Reilly




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