A Beautiful Investment in Yourself.

The longevity of Colour Implants necessitates that quality, experience, and reputation, should have a significant influence over your decision.

If you were contemplating some other form of cosmetic augmentation such as cosmetic surgery, or a form of body art such as a traditional tattoo, would you ever consider going to an inexperienced surgeon or the cheapest technician?

In the Cosmetic Industry, higher quality often equals higher cost…there is no substitute for experience.

The reality is you should be paying hundreds of dollars for any single procedure. If the technician is not charging at least that amount, they are most likely not doing what they should be, to keep up with this rapidly changing industry.

Powdered Brow
3D Eyebrow Feathering
Full Colour Lip
Top Eyeliner
Top & Lower Eyeliner
Lower Eyeliner
Lip Line Only
Lip Line & Blend
Beauty Spot
$100 (includes retouch)
Scar Camouflage
Skin Rejuvenation Facial

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Once you’ve made the decision to have the Colour Implant procedure, or need further information presented face-to-face, then give Margot a call on (07) 3849 4772 or Mobile 0412 563 592 for a free consultation to address any further requirements.

If you’re having a lip procedure, start conditioning your lips weeks ahead with a moisturising cream to nourish the skin for easier colour implantation.
If you suffer from cold sores you will need to use medication at least 7 days prior, to help prevent any outbreaks as it will interfere with the final colour.
If you’re using Retin-A, you will need to cease its use at least eight weeks prior to your treatment.

At the appointment for your procedure, steps will be taken to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Most clients agree permanent makeup procedures are far more comfortable than they anticipated.