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The Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Cosmetic tattooing is a fantastic permanent make-up option with many benefits for women on the go. Imagine, waking up every morning looking absolutely ready to roll. Permanent makeup makes this luxury an excellent and very accessible option. The procedure is safe, fast, and the effect is long lasting.

Benefits of enlisting the help of permanent make-up are as follows:


  • Water and sweat have no effect on cosmetic tattooing. So your face will still be gorgeous at the gym, in the pool in the beach and even in the rain.
  • There is zero recovery time and the procedure is quite painless.
  • It is very cost effective, especially once you consider how much you spend on make-up products. With cosmetic tattooing you will no longer spend money on products that don’t work that great anyway.
  • Cosmetic tattooing cuts down on time spent applying make-up every day. You wake up looking ready to go out and dazzle the world.
  • Gives permanent definition to pale brows. No more permanent marker look, with permanent make-up you can get a natural brow shape that lasts.
  • Gives definition to poorly defined lips.
  • Can be used by those who have allergies to make-up.
  • Is excellent for people with visual problems who have difficulty seeing well enough to apply make up.
  • Can be used to hide scaring on the eyebrow by softly filling in the damaged area creating a natural and even brow.

Cosmetic tattooing is most commonly used on the following areas:



Soft and subtle; the colour chosen will suit both the hair and the skin so that any changes in hair colour will still look natural. This eliminates the time cost and the product cost of drawing on eyebrows every day.

Lip Liner

Creates a lovely even natural tint to the lips. This is especially ideal for anyone with pale lips who wants a natural definition and radiance.

Full Lip Colour

Adds youth, sensuality and symmetry your lips will look full and well defined.

Lip Colour And Blend

Creates a very soft tinted look that adjusts with your normal body temperature


This leaves no visible line but gives the illusion of thick full lashes. Ideal for those with small eyes or oily skin that causes make-up to slide.

Beauty Spot

The beauty spot is very popular. A beauty spot can be created or a feature such as a freckle can be further enhanced.

For more information on how permanent makeup procedures can have you looking your best 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without being chained to the makeup mirror, please contact Margot Jaillet from Colour Implants Brisbane on 07 3849 4772.

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