Tattooed Makeup – Permanent Makeup for the Busy Woman

Today’s woman is busier than ever before as increasing numbers have hit the workforce. There are just never enough hours in the day to spend needless time re-applying makeup to keep it fresh. Whether you want to look good for the guy in your life, need to be professionally dressed for the job or simply want to avoid putting makeup on over and over again, tattooed makeup also known as Permanent Makeup may be the answer you are looking for. In fact, permanent makeup can bring about subtle changes in features you wish you had been born with!

Reshaping the Eyebrows…

If you were born with thin eyebrows, or those that don’t have the shape and arch you wish you had, there is an easy fix. In a process that’s often referred to as ‘micro pigmentation,’ it is possible to totally reshape and colour in your eyebrows. Many celebs have had their eyebrows tattooed, including sexy American star Angelina Jolie. One word of caution though, never let anyone but a professional attempt to apply permanent makeup to your face. There are pictures all over the web of disastrous results when amateurs tried their hand at tattooing  makeup on their friends.

My What Beautiful Eyes You Have…

The number one permanent makeup application across the globe is the upper eyelid liner. This can be an amazing way to accentuate beautiful eyes. A professional permanent makeup artist, such as Margot Jaillet-Bocciolini from Colour Implants of Brisbane, can literally reshape your eyes, adding definition to the one feature most people notice first. You never hear someone say, “My, what a beautiful chin you have”. Your eyes are the first feature anyone notices, so tattooed eyeliner can be a real enhancement.

Tattooed Lips Can Give the Illusion of Plumping Them Out

Permanent makeup artists say that the lips are second only to the eyes in requests they get for permanent makeup. It is possible to tattoo lip liner, add variations of colour to give the lips a plumper appeal and even add fullness to lips that are too thin. Who needs Botox? Permanent Makeup for the lips (full lip colour, lip line or lip line & blend) is a much safer, lasts longer and is a much more appealing way to get the results you want – in living colour, literally!

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be ready to go the next time you are invited out to a club or to the shopping centre? Why waste time applying fresh makeup when you can have it permanently tattooed on? From beauty spots to eyebrow tattoos to redefining the lips, permanent tattoos can offer time-saving solutions for today’s busy woman.

As a fully qualified permanent makeup artist, Margot Jaillet-Bocciolini has years of experience creating natural looking results for thousands of happy clients. Call her today on 07 3849 4772 or read more about her expertise by clicking here.

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Contact Margot today on 07 3849 4772 to learn how she can help you to achieve polished perfection with a Permanent Makeup Application or AFA Clay Facial.

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