How to banish pigmentation & age spots

As we age, one of the first problems which many women (and some men!) notice is that ugly brown patches form on the skin. We refer to these as age spots for a very good reason. It takes years of exposure to ultraviolet rays beating down on our skin, day after day, year after year before melanin starts to break down and form clumps. This is what those age spots are all about and short of never getting old, is there a way to banish them? Actually there is (but some are more effective than others!)

First Generation Treatments: Bleaching Creams

For decades women have been using bleaching creams to lighten the appearance of age spots. The only problem with this type of treatment is that those spots always seem to come right back. Bear in mind that age spots are the result of melanin clumping up, causing hyperpigmentation. Bleaching treatments can lighten the spots temporarily but after a short time, they come right back. In other words, bleaching creams are just a temporary fix as they do nothing to address the root cause – those clumps of melanin.

Second Generation – Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing has had some amount of success and is definitely more effective than bleaching creams. However, it is important to consider what actually happens to the skin during resurfacing. In effect, a laser beam is used to literally burn off the top layer of skin. The initial results are often masked by the redness that results from the treatment. After a few days when the redness has calmed down, there is a noticeable improvement but as with bleaching creams, those age spots just come right back. It had been hoped that by resurfacing the skin the melanin would cease breaking down but the damage was deep enough that it would be virtually impossible to burn that far down without pain and potential injuries.

Third Generation – AFA Clay Facials

Amino acid Filaggrin-based Antioxidants, AFAs for short, are much the same as the amino acid complex that is a vital part of the body’s natural moisturising system for the skin. AFA clay facials are actually a two part system that begins with the clay mask to exfoliate and remove dead skin. The second part actually works to rejuvenate unhealthy cells, such as those melanin cells, bringing them to a much healthier and younger state. This is thought to be the only cosmetic patented for a great many years, which indicates there is ample clinical evidence to support its efficacy.

If you are looking to banish pigmentation and age spots you have two choices. You can either step into a time machine taking you back to your youth or you could restore the skin to more youthful condition. To date, the only treatment proven to disperse those clumps of melanin and restore the skin’s natural moisture is in the use of AFAs. Even earlier AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids) are nowhere near as effective, as they are too aggressive to achieve optimal results. The one downfall is that it is not a treatment you can use at home. AFA clay facials must be performed by professionals, but the good news is that you only need four to six treatments to make those age spots much lighter and visibly less noticable. Each treatment takes approximatly 20 minutes and for best results should be combined with a simple home care routine which will be fully explained to you at your first (and subsequent visits).

As a qualified AFA Clay Facial Practitioner, Margot Jaillet-Bocciolini has had years of experience in effectively banishing age spots and other complexion challenges – call her today on 07 3849 4772 or read more about AFA Clay Facials by clicking here.

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