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Lip Pigmentation: Achieve the Perfect Pout

Applying lipstick and touching it up throughout the day is a task for some of us. But do not worry, modern advancements have found a solution to almost every problem. Lip pigmentation is an effective way in which you can choose the shade and tone that best compliments your facial structure and enhances the look of your lips for 24/7 perfection.

Getting your favourite shade of lipstick tattooed means one less task to do in a day. However, before deciding to go through with the process, it is really essential to research thoroughly.

What is Lip Pigmentation, exactly?

Lip pigmentation is your way out to be ready and presentable at all times without any hassle. It involves the use of colour implantation. So, when you wake up another morning, your pout will be looking fresh and ready to face the day without any touch-ups required!

Lip pigmentation is an excellent investment, as it will result in appealing and beautiful looking lips. This procedure is followed to enhance your lips and make them look fuller with a shade of colour that looks amazing on you. The shading and tinting is completely tailored to match your natural skin tone and to ensure your desired final look can be achieved.

What colour will best suit your skin tone?

Finalising and tinting to achieve the desired lip shade can be tricky, and since it’ll last for a long time, you have to select the finest fit. To find the shade that looks perfect on you, you’ll have to define your skin tone.

Distinguish your undertone

Examine the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they’re blue, the undertones are cooler and can have hints of pink and peach. Likewise, if they’re green, the undertones are warm, with yellow and green. You’re fortunate if your undertones are both blue and green, which is a neutral tone that means you can elegantly carry almost any shade.

Identify which colours complement your skin tones

Warm colours look wonderful with yellow undertones, and blue and purple colours look excellent with pink undertones.

Experiment using the trial and error method

Try out a few of your lipsticks and see which ones look best on you. Consider the colours in that lipstick. Are they cooler blues and pinks, warmer oranges and yellows, or bright shades of scarlet?

Narrowing down your lip shade

Now you’ve identified your skin tone and the shade to go for, warmer or cooler. Next in line is choosing the shade that you most definitely want to get implanted on your lips.

Peachy and nude gloss go well with pale skin, while deeper skin tones complement the fun and lighter lip shades for a high impact effect. Bright, and if they’re both blue and green, perky colours look mesmerising with olive skin like reds and yellows. Finally, make sure to play with all sorts of tones and shades for an amusing experience of colour selection.

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