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Everything You Need to Know About Microblading

Well shaped and defined eyebrows are a show stopper. It helps give your face an enhanced shape and look through framing your striking features in the best way. One way of getting this done could be by applying an eyebrow tint and spending loads of time getting it perfect. But, if you’re looking for a better, effective, and quick way, microblading awaits you. So, here is a summary of what you’ll need to know before finally deciding to get it done. Starting from what it is, where you can get it done, facts, and risks if any.

What is Microblading?

The word microblading has now been around and in trend for a while. Celebrities and famous individuals like global powerhouse Madonna and Aussie sweetheart Miranda Kerr have been seen sporting the microbladed brow look.

The term microblading is not as difficult to understand as it sounds. It simply refers to a cosmetic tattoo procedure where fine hair-like strokes are administered to the brows to result in a fuller and natural look. The only significant difference between a regular tattoo and microblading is that tattoos are usually permanent, unlike microblading, which can last for up to 3 years. Touch-ups will be required as a result to maintain the look and result.

Micro-blading involves using a blade with needles attached to break into the skin and apply skin-safe colour pigments. It takes a trained professional to perform microblading, and the successful completion depends on the level of expertise.

Risks associated with Microblading

Micro-blading is not a risky or harmful procedure in any way. But a thing to remember is that every individual’s body has a different way of dealing with changes, and some struggle with sensitive skin. This can cause gruesome allergic reactions due to the use of pigment. You should consult an experienced aesthetician and tell them about any pre-existing conditions that you might have.

The other risk depends on which aesthetician or service you select. When it comes to procedures that need insertion of tools in your skin, every piece of equipment must be clean, sanitised and hygienic. If the tools are unsterilised, this process will lead to life-threatening diseases like HIV and other harmful conditions.

Where can you get quality microblading done?

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