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The Facts about Cosmetic Full Lip Tattoo Procedures

The lips are not skin like the rest of the face. The lips are a totally different tissue to the skin, they are blood and mucosa, this is the reason they will always lose more colour, regardless of which pigments are used and because lip colour is not static, it is constantly changing due to external stimulus and internal activities.

They are highly vascular and are made up mostly of membrane, muscle, nerve and blood supply. There are no hair follicles, no oil glands and they are constantly under assault from eating and drinking (think acidity) climatic conditions, sun, chlorine or salt water pools and other contributing factors which can influence it’s colour change.

Hormones, liver toxicity, diabetes and other illnesses, as well as some medications or even cosmetics that have a bleaching effect such as Vitamin C or Glycolic Acid.

One should clearly understand all of the typical challenges of permanent makeup for lips in general before being able to understand the unique properties of lips and the complications that can accompany lip tattoo. Also, lips lack oil glands…nothing will make them look shiny from within. That being said, the braver you are with your colour choice, not necessarily darker, often a little brighter, this will also counterbalance the natural blue undertone of the lips as they don’t have an epidermis or dermis, therefore, reflecting colour is hard to achieve and no lip will hold colour where the wet area meets the dry area.

We must remember that the skin is a living, breathing organ. The factors that contribute to its colour are melanin, carotene and haemoglobin which is found in the blood; therefore you can implant the same colour into e.g. 5 different people and it will return 5 different colour results. Pre and post care is most important in terms of preparing your lips for a procedure. If
the lip bleeds, it will bleed out the colour, therefore, any blood thinning medication you are taking needs to cease 4 weeks prior to a lip procedure. Refrain from the use of alcohol, Aspirin-containing medications, Ibroprufen or other blood thinning medications.

No medication should ever be discontinued without first consulting with your physician.